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The importance that the creation of art has for humanity is directly connected to my understanding of myself as an artist. I endeavor to create authentic and relevant works of art that act upon our world in meaningful ways. To create art that establishes emotional, spiritual and psychological connection and that challenges and activates inner and outer cognizance for the viewer.

My work in informed by my long-standing interest in dreams, visionary perception, archetypal patterns, nature, form and psyche. I honored the importance of active curiosity, of expanding one's discernment and perception, and  continually developing the skills and techniques required to produce quality and relevant works of art.

I grind my own oil colors and use egg tempera and oils on traditionally prepared wooden panels. The tempera allows for a well modeled underpainting and the layering of semi-opaque oil colors and glazes give a rich and luminous quality to my paintings


 My work is also informed and influenced strongly by my interest in the underlying geometric patterning that exist in nature as well as in the archetypal blueprints that human beings play out and embody both collectively and individually. My studio is filled with geometric models, many of them spinning and moving, ceramic models and structural and geometrical renderings; all created to investigate, illustrate and bring coherence to a dream, vision or idea that informs my work


Martha Neaves
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